About Timogi


The Empowerment Specialist 

‚ÄčTImogi is The Empowerment Specialist. She uses her voice as a Speaker, Educator, and Life Coach to enable audiences all over the country to magnetize their power. Her dynamic motivational keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions at colleges, businesses, and other organizations are always enlightening and engaging.

She is the author of Activation Required: Reconnecting To Your Purpose. Pack Light: Packing With Your Purpose In Mind, and I'm A Lady and A Woman and Your Dream Needs A Team. She is the host of  Timogi Today and co-host of In Bold Print. Both shows air on public access TV in Durham and Chapel Hill.

Timogi is a Student Affairs Professional with experience at state, private, women's and community colleges. She has worked in Admissions, Student Support Services Trio, and on the Completion and Engagement Team as the Program Coordinator of a men's mentoring program. As an adjunct faculty member she taught an all-male course utilizing her single-gender coaching methods. Her work with underrepresented males in education has been extraordinary. She presents at numerous national conferences, colleges across the country, earned several awards, even breaking the barrier of being the FIRST WOMAN to present at the prestigious Minority Male Leadership Institute. She also served on the NC Minority Male Mentoring Advisory Board. 

Her Empowerment Call attracts men and women throughout the country to spend 15 minutes every Thursday night being empowered by Timogi live on the line. Her YouTube channel is filled with videos educators and organizations can use today to empower professionals and students.

Timogi considers herself both a lady and a woman. She's a native of Brooklyn, New York who enjoys sewing, cooking, writing, and painting. As ordained clergy, her first love is to teach and preach the Gospel. Timogi holds a Bachelor of  Cross-Disciplinary Empowerment Strategies from Bennett College and a Master of Human Services: Executive Leadership from Liberty University.